Sunday, January 31, 2010

MegaMind starts

The coming week my Mega-mind "windUp starts". For the next few weeks to come I will get to know all the characters on the mega-mind show. That is going to be sooo great.
The Mega mind show looks great and the animation I have seen is awesome, I cant wait to get cracking on it...

The last week I got to go and see the secret room at Dreamworks, it was awesome. I'm not going to tell you anymore about it, cause it is after all a secret room :)))

My good friend Alli has just landed and he is in LA right now. Its going to be great to meet up with him and maybe I will get a sneak peak tour at Disney someday :)
He has had a rough time with VISA and stuff so I'm really happy to hear that he made it. Welcome Alli, LA just got a bit more "Bling" now :)))

How to train your dragon Book review. That book looks great..

Here is the link to the review:

well that's it for today :))


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreamworks top 10

Dreamworks have gone from a last year 46th place to a stunning 6th placement in the fortune top 100 places to work for. All I can say is that I agree. I quote Jeffrey Katzenberg here "We are number one the world just doesn't know it yet" He said that with a smile on his face, but I must say that he is more close to the truth than he may think. Dreamworks is without a doubt one of the best places to spend your working hours at. I hope I will spend many of those in the future to come..

A tips for all you folks out there, look out for the new "how to train your dragon" trailer. Its awsome :))
And look at this.

That is a great looking poster, those far-east designers know there stuff:) I bet you that you would never see something like that in USA, to little action. :/

Now to something completly diffrent..
Carlos Baena is one of the best animator in the world. Never meet him but he seems to be a very nice guy. Not only is he a superb animator he is also a fingerboard master. yes you heard me, FINGERBOARDING. Well i never heard about it until today either :))
I dont now if Carlos invented this, but he rocks at it, enjoy :))


Carlos | MySpace Video


Saturday, January 16, 2010

NHL Virgin

I was an NHL virgin, not any more......)

My first NHL game is history and what a game it was. LA Kings which is my team....well when in Rome and all that :)) was down 1-3 against the Boston Bruins. That and the fact that my friends is Boston fans made it hard to smile :))

And here comes the magic, I told my friends(after couple of coronas) that LA Kings will win this, and not only that, I also told them how its going to unfold. I said that with 13min left of the game LA kings would score 2-3. They scored with 10min left, so just 3min off. I also said that LA Kings would equlize with 3min left and they did. To top of the whole thing I stated that LA Kings would win the game in a shootoff...and they did:)) Man I should work on a freak road-show or something :))))

LA Kings forever :)))

I hade a really funny week at Dreamworks. If you follow my blog you would know that I missed the opurtunity to work on "how to train a dragon" due to imigration issues. Well I kinda got lucky last week, cause they needed some help and I was happy to lend a hand:) Now it was nothing big and spectacular, just small backgorund stuff, but still just being part of that movie however so small is an honor....that movie is like nothing I have seen before...its awesome!!!

the first of February I will joining the "Mega mind" team, and that is scary,,,why? well I have seen the first shoots that has been done and it loooooks amazing, so I need to look alive here :))

As if that wasn't enough, Rasmaus had his first Baseball tryouts today, he was great. I'm so proud of him.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

so whats cooking in animation


DreamWorks is aiming to put out three movies per year and all the movies is in stereoscopic 3D. Actually DreamWorks have said that all there movies in the future is going to be in stereoscopic 3D. At the same time Disney looks to its roots and puts out "the princess and the frog", I guess that is not going to be in stereoscopic 3D :).
Now why is Disney doing this? I mean besides wanting to make money. The marketing for this 2D flick has been massive, I have seen pretty much every big power-honchos at Disney on TV talking themselves warm over this "new" movie in "old style" animation. Well I cant figure it out. Will we see a re-birth of 2D animation? Will I have to dust of my pencils and start drawing again? hmm I don't think so, but I guess time will tell:))

BlueSky is working hard on there new movie "Rio", as far as I know that is set to be released in 2011 so I guess BlueSky is not aiming for the "more the merrier" concept. I do however like that meatball movie, although I think the character look to much alike, it gets to me after while.

Pixar is "hot on wheels" with there movie "UP". Everyone tells me that it's going to clean up at the Oscar. It might even, so I'm told, win the price for best movie overall. That would be great, its a great movie.

I saw "planet 51", from the Spanish animation studio "Iion", less than 3weeks ago. I must say that its a lot better than the reviews was. I totally like it, and so did my kids. I just wonder if this is an example of territorial dispute, I mean the Americans are more or less the top dogs of major blockbuster 3D animation movies, and given the state the economy maybe the American review writing dudes are looking at foreign animation with their patriotic American eyes, who knows, probably not....or? ::))

Sweden.....what about Sweden, you might ask if you are Swedish:). Well there are some things bubbling in that far of cold northern country....I have good friends snaking around, planing devious plans and if the planets line up when the moon is full, then just maybe we will see Sweden finally produce a 3D animation movie, I mean a full budget one, there has been attempts but without some serious budgeting you wont get a good movie.

So the Future? Well it looks bright, the 3D animation biz haven't yet had its first total flop and the movie entertainment biz overall is hitting an all time high in money making. So lets just hope everything works out for everybody :))


Its all action at DreamWorks

last week I got to go home early on Wednesday due to a bomb threat.
Link to the story

Now I'm worried that the overseas gift was meant from me :)))

Friday, January 1, 2010

the year 2009

Well I must say the the year 2009 is one hell of an year..

I have gone from planing a feature(still am) to travle across an ocean to the big pice of earth called USA and started a mission at Dreamworks..
I have nothing but love and praise to say about dreamworks, and will fight anyone saying anything else:)) seriously, DW is great and I urge anyone like me to focus its attetion towards DW and if it dosent turn out great I promeise to buy you lunch, it free at the Dreamworks Campus :)))

I mean who would feel bad spending your days at this place: (pic stolen)

decomposing your lunch here cant be a bad thing?? (pic stolen)

well shearing your lunch with this dude could be a bit tricky :)) (pic stolen)

Its absolutely the best place I have ever worked on. Thing is that somehow even though many people here right now are in "crunch mode", they still have a smile on there face. I hope I will have that when I go "crunching" :))

the beutiful waterPond, the fish seem to like it here and so dose the squerrls. I wouldnt mind to be resurected as a Dreamworks rodent...all thought I would have to get use to all the pokey animators trying to find out how my body mechanics works....freaky those animators :))) (pic stolen)

Just to prove that I'm not all about animation, here is how the best meatballs are done :) (and yes I fight anyone to prove it:)))

so from us all to you all, have a freaky great 2010!!! love ya!!

and this is hours later :)))))