Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3D in 3D - again

yes I went to another flick that offered the sensational 3D in 3D. The movie was Monsters vs Aliens....great movie.
BUT....the 3D technology....I don't know...

First my eyes have to re-focus every time there is a scene cut, and I heard that movie makers now are even considering to decrease scene cuts to fix this problem?

Second, what about Depth of Field, dose it work??. I can feel that in some shots everything looks like miniatures, don't know if you have seen this:

those are Tilt-shift miniature faking photos
And I do experience this when I watch this 3D in 3D stuff..

Well, I was going to write that this technology is not going to survive, that reason and love for the art of film making will prevail and that we will continued doing film the old fashion way. I changed my mind when I saw my kid Rasmus, jumping up and down trying to avoid things that really, and I felt it to, hits you in the face. I surrender to what I think is going to be the most natural thing for my kids to watch in the future. I guess that my kids, 20years from now, will try there best not let there friends know that there embarrassing dad still watches 3D animated movies......without the 3D effect...:-)