Friday, October 29, 2010

Funniest Panel at Comic-Con '10 w/ Megamind cast Will Ferrell, Tina Fey ...

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Pre - Halloween

Yeap we got invited to an awesome Pre-Halloween envent.. Our good friends Don and Kori invited us and it was awesome, they are awesome, there house is awsome and their halloween outfits was awsome..

we didn't have time to fix our own costumes but our kids got a Viking make over..

Molly as Astrid in  "How to train your Dragon" :

Rasmus as Hiccup. No he is not playing video games, he is doing research on Vikings...:)

We took it to the "street" warming up for a bloddy "Holmgång" :)

they are killers :))


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MegaMind Book signing

Hey there

I got my MegaMind Book and got it signed by my director Tom McGrath - he is truly a spectacular director and really hope I get to work with him again.....and by the way worked with one of my all time favorite cartoons Ren & Stimpy !! BOOM :)

Look at that idiot to the left.....well he is a happy fool that is for sure :))  (camera left, just to be sure:))


Monday, October 25, 2010

Tom McGrath about MegaMind

NHL - just waiting for the call!! ?? :)

I took my old beaten up body for a shock-treatment a couple of weeks ago..

It was time for the montly Dreamworks Hockey bashing....well it was very low key and still I almoste died..
Big thank you to all the awesome dudes that was there, a special shout-out to Ted Ty for organizing the whole ya dude!!

here is some moments in time fore ya

look at that speed demon up to the right in blue!!.....well its a photo...the real speed is more accurate in this lite clip that leaked out from the LA Kings scout team!!..:)

I love the comment on the video, its in Swedish but my wife who is doing most of the talking is kinda pointing out that I lack that energy that she sees in other hockey players.......:))


First batch of shots

Hi there

got my first batch of shots on Puss In Boots, and they are really nice shots.
Its of course Kitty(I'm on the Kitty team.....dhhaa :)) and its a bit diffrent on this project compared to MegaMind. We tend to split shots in characters on Puss. I'm for example animmating Kitty but not Puss in my shot.... I personaly dont like this setup and are strongley hoping that this is just some weird idea someone had and that it will change... If not? well i guess I just have to shut up and animate :)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DreamWorks to Launch Dragon Series on Cartoon Network

Think this is awesome, I have no news of where or who will actually make it, but considering that DW is putting out awesome TV productions I would guess this to will be awesome :))

LINK >> DreamWorks to Launch Dragon Series on Cartoon Network


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dragons & KungFu

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We where out having fun.... found a place where they did traditional Chinese dragon dance, and Kung Fu.
Kids loved it.....and so did daddy :))

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