Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frank and Ollie

At lunch Dreamworks had one of its many wonderful seminars . Ted Thomas was here, he is the son of Frank Thomas (Frank and Ollie).

It was awesome to hear about what went on behind the scenes at Disney when it all began, how stuff was really done :) But even more so was the stories only a son could tell.

Jim Baxter how was co-piloting this talk said something very memorable. He said that these guys (referring to Frank and Ollie and the whole "9 old men" :) really invented animation and that we, as animators today,  have the privilege to stand on there shoulders.  This is something that I never thought about. It never really crossed my mind that animation, at least the type of animation I love to do, is actually not that old, and we should be vary grateful for these men that more or less started the whole thing.  We should also aspire to take animation even further. I for one will admit that I get lost sometimes in the technology and deadlines, but "talk's" like this really takes you back to the roots and reasons to why you do what you do..... cause its hard work :)

there was some awesome pencil test from my favorite movie Bernard and Bianca, and hearing how those scenes was made and what it took to make it meant a great deal to me...

thanks Ted :)

Need Office space?

The very good friends of mine at Happycamper in Sweden/Stockholm is asking if anyone would be intrested in sharing space with them...take a look:


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ouch!! 110 degrees!!!

Yesterday the temperature hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius). The heat wave had its center in downtown LA that had a breasing 113 degrees :)

Have to say that my body is not built for this extreme weather....come to think of it my body isn't really built for anything but watching American football and drinking beer, everything else is a struggle :))

speaking of football, one of my biggest problems right now is to choose the team that I will give my unconditional love to. First I was thinking of Minnesota Vikings, I mean Minnesota is the Swedish safe Haven here in US, but unfortunately there jerseys is PURPLE. I hate purple. I mean Vikings in purple what where they thinking?? :)
So I started to look locally and the weird thing is that LA doesn't have there own football team, but back in the day they had The chargers and there jerseys are navy blue and better for me.

so I guess I'm a Chargers fan...... go chargers!!! :))


Monday, September 27, 2010

Guillermo and Dreamworks = True

I love this, Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite directors, and now he is here working with Dreamworks... that is awesome.!!!!

here is a link to the full story!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Puss in Boots

Hi there

finally I'm officially on Puss In Boots, it took some time, but Dreamworks has an extensive video-Library so I have use the "GAP" time to educate myself...but...Given that I have the memory of a dead old man I don't think I made any difference :))

So, I'm doing a test shot to learn the rig and get into character so to speak. I'm on the Kitty team, so I need to connect to my female side, and that's not going to be hard I mean I already look 8 months pregnant :))

Kitty looks awesome:

and to make it even more awesome to work on Kitty Salma Hayek is doing the voice! And she is truly fantastic..

well that's it....

Oh I almost forgot, my son Rasmus scored 3 goals playing soccer last Saturday...... AWESOME!!!!!

see Ya soon