Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shrek - Wrap up party

Shrek 4(ever)

Man we first went to see the movie and it rocks, yes I know I work for the place that made it, so my judgment could arguably be a bit tainted :))
But still its by far the best Shrek movie ever, just go and see it :)

Now on to the WrapUp party...... its was awesome!
I mean free food and free drinks is a deadly mix and if you add awesome friends and there where about 2000 + of them in there, Thats just beyond repair :)

To be honest I have never been on a party as big as this, and the organization of the whole thing made you feel very VIP.....which I'm not that custom to, but could definitely get use to :))

well here is some pics from he whole thing...

here is a panorama of the whole thing, just seconds after I hit the dancefloor, pulling out moves that had me walking a thin line of life and death :))
(click it for that HD experience :)

We back up a bit and here we are walking to the screening of the movie.

Here is the stars of the night, me, shreky and the "Mike" :)

I'm forcing myself into this picture, in case you didn't see it :))
Its Mike and his lovely wife Steph, they forgave me later :))

So here is it is, the "Move", kids don't try this at home, you need to be at least 38 and drunk :)))

Drunk, sweaty and obnoxious, I still scored!!! well, is my wife Helena and how she have put up with me for 20years is unbelievable :))

well needless to say that i was a bit stiff the day after, but hey it was AWESOME and I do it again tomorrow.....well maybe next anyone invites me...ever....again.....please!! ??? :))

Ohh and thanks Steph for that priceless stare :)))


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dragon hits 200

How to train the dragon hist and passes the 200 million $ mark..
Its remarkable considering its disappointing start.
Its also the first film in years to ever get back on the Box office first place after its premier.
Dragons will in all probability surpass KungFu Panda, although I think KungFu Pandas worldwide gross will be hard to beat...

So its no surprise to hear that a sequel is green lit and in the works.... I hope I will get the opportunity to make a bigger contribution to that movie than I got to do on the first one...

Shrek is hitting the theaters soon, thats going to be interesting, I mean its the big moneymaker for Dreamworks, and its been said to be the last Shrek movie...well I guess time will tell:)). Whats even more interesting is that I'm going to the Shrek "wrap up" party this weekend....its going to be awesome. Everyone at Dreamworks is invited, and I hope I wont make a fool out of prevent this I have thought out a foolproof plan, just follow the one and only rule: DON'T be the first to get blasted, cause that's the guy everyone will remember :)))


Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday party #1


Ramsus is enetring his 7th year, my god has it been that many years....jeeezz!!
well anyway. He wanted a Dragon cake and he got that!!

I'm of course working hard at delivering food and beverages to keep the young monsters happy and going :)

Fishing is perhaps not a Swedish invention, but its nonetheless very funny.

Just fired up the grill and my signature meatballs and the IKEA "prins" sausage is smelling up the place:). Had to fight of the kids to get the food on the table, that is how good my meatballs are, or maybe it was the sausages?? well never mind

we had a great time and thanks to everyone that helped make this a very happy day for Rasmus.... :)