Friday, November 27, 2009

Our new place

Look at that, our new place....

well its actually more to the left, but I placed that camera a bit off and almoste didnt have time to run back....I'm a slow runner okay!! :-)

Its great to finaly have a "real" place to live...the appartments we rented temporarley was really good, but its dosent give you that "this is my place" feeling :-))
Well this little house dose....its really nice and I do think we will be very happy here..


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family at Dreamworks

Had my family over for a "bring your family to dinner" day at Dreamworks. It was great, my kids really loved the beutiful campus, but the thing that stood out for my kids whas the icecreme machine thay had....when they saw that they got something religious in there eyeas....
Don't think I ever heard them agree on anything until then, they both agree that my job is great......much thanks to the icecreame machine.....:-)))


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kinda forgott theeeees babies:-)

first one: Man my wife Helena can take pircure, this one brings me to tears every time..

On the trip here the kids where true heros, they made this 15h trip into something the felt more like 14.5h :-) nnnaaaaaaa they wehere teriffic...

Now we are now on US soile, and we are trying to get trough the LA traffic, which is not easye I tell you :-))

well that's some bits and prices, we have been invited to our first ever thanksgiving dinner next week....I should have some niiice reveling pictures from that to reevel to ya all.....)


US at its best

If anyone tells you that the US has nothing to offer, well here is the proof that they dooooooo!!!



Friday, November 13, 2009

Bye Bye Maya :/

My first week at Dreamworks is ended, and it has been a overwelming week. It's obvious to me that I need to say goodbye to my darling Maya and embrase EMO. EMO is Dreamworks animation tool, and the first week has all been about learning EMO and the vast pipeline that dreamworks have and I guess we only touched the tip of the iceBerg..
I think I will grow to like EMO very much as soon as I stoop thinking in terms of "how would I do this in maya" :-)

The crew at Dreamworks are scary talented. They all are soo freaky good and the show "how to train a dragon" looks like nothing I'v seen before....I cant see it be nothing else than a BoxOffice Killer!!
Sadly enough I dont think I will be out of "training" soon enough to get a shot on the feature movie, but I will do some trailer stuff, and if you wanna look positive on that fact the trailer is actually seen by more people that the movie will be :-))

Now I need a cold bear two,...or ten :-))

love ya

Monday, November 9, 2009

First day

Well the first day at Dreamworks is over, and I must say that I couldnt be happier. Great people, great food(free by the way:-)), great facility...great everything:-)
All people at Dreamworks, may it be H&R department, animation crew, gate security, you name it. They have all been so nice to me......I'm afraid to wake up to realize this is only a dream:-)))
Sorry if I sound like a kid on Christmas, but hey I feel like a kid on Christmas:-)

I meet the "Dragon" team today and I saw some amazing scenes they made, and I definitely think this movie will blow you away. Its clear to me that I'm surrounded by a team of super talented people. I really need to bring my AAAAAA and A+ game to get my old beeeehind up the the quality thees dudes are putting out. I probably end up giving the director a brown envelope containing money each month to get my shots approved.....:-)))

Got a fast introduction to EMO (DW's animation tool), and in spite of all the rumors about this software I actually kinda think I'm going to like it :-)

well need to get some sleep, busy day tomorrow..

love ya

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Eagle has landed

well for all you out there that is old enough to understand the title, kudos!! :-)

me and my family landed safely on Friday and I think the flying actually was much safer than the taxi ride out of LAX:-)). We have moved in to our temporary home at Oakwood appartments. It's really nice with a pool, hotTubs and tennis courts...So I really have to shake off this hollyday felling I'm in right now, cause tomorrow its my first work day at Dreamworks.....yeah...scary :-))

I actually made a "drive by" yesterday at the Dreamworks facility. The guards looked at me with suspicion, I hope they let me in tomorrow....

If I look dorky it because I feel very dorky :-))

Well off to bed...