Tuesday, January 1, 2008


hi..so...haven't had much time to work on this (excuses, excuses bla bla) but I have done some Breakdowns and inbetweens. still more breakDowns needed, especially in the end. Still working in "stepped Key" but I am switching between linear and stepped. I will after this phase go to linear and leave stepped.

Arcs. I put a lot of focus on the arcs, and even then I think I'm a bit sloppy. Shame on me..
I use a program called annoatePro (another Keith Lango tip), you can draw right on top of the clip. Its a very fast way of checking arcs. I mean if I had an old monitor I could use ordinary whiteboard pens, but I don't..okay!! :-)


..ok next I pose all the keyposes, at this moment I just place them on frame 1,2,3 and so on, that's all in the spirit of Keith Lango. Can't tell you enough good things about Keith Lango.
Anyway, then I spread them out in the timeline. First I of course look at my analyze, it provides a fairly good map to follow. Then I fine tune the timing of the keyposes by feel.

So here is the first ruff keypose straight out of Maya:

to be honest the keyposes needs fine tuning, and they will get it...but I need sleep so it will have to wait :-)



Ok...next step

so.. after analyzing the sound, I start drawing.
First I try to have all the keyPoses done, and I often do it right over the sound analyze. Don't know why, it just feel natural to draw the poses more or less where they concur with the sound.

After that I start to breakdown different idea's and details, and of course the endless search of the perfect keyPose..

Then I tend to want to test some of the motion in ruff thumbs before I destroy the animation in Maya:-)

So...that's all for today, next I guess I will go digital...


first blogg-projects on the way........

found this sound on the Internet: http://www.pigbelly.com/blog/files/slightlyconfused_192K.mp3

found it to have kind of nice changes but still a good beat to it.

Listened to it for about 400 times (well 200)....well okay 34 times minus the one where my son interrupted me with a ice cream request. I naturally gave it to him, I mean I got to keep him happy if I ever going to finish this :-)

anyway, analyzing the sound:

So, what I do is that I listen and then draw the high and lows, this is a very good thing to do when trying to catch the flow of the dialogue. I also circle the hard words like M, P, F and so on..

next I start drawing poses.....but right now....I sleep :-)