Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One giant fall in the right direction

I must say, this is one of the best trailers for a 3D movie I have watched lately....its more a shortfilm I know, but maybe that's my point. Trailers are growing more and more boring, why I don't know? I guess there is and maybe have to be a preset to how to cut a trailer these days and that mixed with the amount of trailers hitting our brains is the perfect recipe for boring results..


Friday, November 14, 2008

welcome friday

Good week, the world is still here..

I got this clip and it proves that if you have a good story the animation don't necessarily need to be "Pixar quality" to make you laugh like a mad man :-)

Family Guy - The Bird's the Word - Watch the best video clips here

you all have a great weekend now!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sweden on the animation map?

Yes I know Sweden is a small country and therefor somehow I should think small???? I don't think so!! :-)

Ingmar Bergman didn't think small, I think ;.), The Nobel prize is quite big, and Absolute vodka will give you as big of a hangover as any vodka from the big-budget countries. So what I would like is for all to stop thinking small and start dreaming BIG.

Lets just be naive for a while, I bet you that the founders of the big studios once was young and naive(now they are just naive, and rich:-)). Being naive is arguably one of the best assets you can have when venturing in to a new field of business. If I knew, years back, how hard it is to be an animator I probably never would have become one.

Now here is the pitch:-), I think its the same with movies. I mean if you sit to long trying to figure out why (BIG)movies have budgets like 180 million dollars and even worse wait for that kind of a budget to fall into your lap the train will leave the station and your dreams with it..

so folks lets put Sweden on the animation map of the World, its easy, only thing you need to do is start dreaming BIG!!...:-)


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pixar proves me wrong

Well just as I wrote that Maybe companies like Pixar/Disney, DreamWorks, Sony and so on, could arguably be a bit stiff in the story department, Pixar/Disney hits us with the movie "What's up".

I did know about this movie but I actually forgot about it until I got a link from a friend of mine. The story, at least the trailer is great, I mean its really strange but still with a lot of likability, much as I strive to be as a person :-))


Monsters vs Aliens

This is my cup of tea...:-)

I love Monsters and I love Aliens, but will I love this movie? I would think so, even though the humans(subCharacters) looks a bit strange:-)

I love the wobbly dude and the Giant Lady, I mean that's more legs than a man could ever want, right?? :-)

take a look at this sneak peak:


Monday, November 10, 2008

I like this

Don't know what it is but you always love the underdog, right?

I mean look at these clips:

The code, as I understand is free, is out there for anyone to fiddle around with and who knows what this will lead to..

The next clip must have started a couple of board meetings at nintendo. :-)

I love it...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

fathers day

Fathers day, didn't expect much got MUCHO!!

Went ice-skating with my kids and my oldest, Rasmus, made some great progress. Mollie my youngest was defying all laws of nature on the ice. Something I wanted to tryout and found myself hitting the ice, and ice being somewhat hardish I got a nice little Bump on my forehead to remind me of my arrogance. Of course I took the fall like a man, and demanded to speak to the fool that prepared the ice, I mean there must be something wrong with the ice??.....right?? .-)

At the end of the ice-skating session my son came up to me and hugged me in that special way that makes any father wanna cry. I could see how proud he was of his progress and happy that his father finally took some time of from animation to spend with him.

In the car back home, all I could think of was...(and this is worrying:-) the hell would one animate that moment that me and my son just had? I got this scary thought in my head that maybe its not possible, is the medium of 3D animation limited to just a short range of emotions, is animation type-casted to be almost always funny....of course not....but it will take some big "nuts" to crack the shell that Pixar, Dreamworks, SonyImageworks(and more) built up and make something new. Dont get me wrong when you read this John Lasseter :-) I love what you are doing, its fantastic, but what if Pixar just shifted gears a bit and made like a Matrix movie, wouldn't that be cool.......well I dont know :-)

ohh damn got to sleep

Saturday, November 8, 2008

WALL-Eeeeeezezezzezzzzzzzzzzz !!

Saw WALLI_E for the second time, and yes its a freaking beautiful movie. The animation is superb and the render and vfx are not of this world....BUT :-) isn't the story a bit boring!!!! :-)

Dear Judge and Jury, I present to you three evidence to prove the story of WALLI-E to be boring..
1. I fell a sleep
2. my son fell a sleep
3. My friends both son's fell a sleep, well one of them did the other, half trough the movie asked with a tired look in his face if there where much left of the movie..

I know I probably will make enemies for the rest of my life saying this but i cant be blind to the fact that my son who normally would if not given the toys connected to the movie be very
no...oh....Demonized!!!!, hasn't asked for one single WALLI-E toy. If thats not proof then nothing is .-)

Looking forward to IGOR.
the Design is great and the story, at least the oneliner is to kill for :-)


Friday, November 7, 2008

Swoosch another week gone?

So what happend this week, well a part of Obamas victory not much. Glad he won though:-)

Been writing a lot lately, thats fun, haven't really struck lucky with the words yet, My stories always seems to end with a massive battle with orches and nights, and you don't need to throw in a ring in that story to feel its been done already :-)

Being spinning numbers around concerning budgeting for a 3D feature film and if anyone out there have any links or anything that might help me I would be very happy, cause my two braincells are really confused and are probably thinking of bailing out considering the headache its given me:-)

To me RENDER is the problem, animation and administration is farily easy to estimate, RENDER is not, at least not to me :-)

Well thats it