Friday, October 31, 2008

Another week bites the dust

yea! went by like a futuristic something. Autodesk bought XSI will have to be the biggest news this week, good or bad you tell me..

Winter is coming and my otherwise outspoken personality is getting that winter skin. Less sun means less socializing, less socializing means less beer and on top of that my Hockey team is on a five games long losing streak...arrghh, god I miss summer:-)

Anyway a very good friend of mine Alli Sadegiani made this beutifull short film:



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats up with the world, part 2

Well it looks like AutoDesk is taking it over..

Good or bad? well looke at the clip:_)

when AutoDesk took over Maya things actually worked out in the end. Maya I think benefited from this and the software is getting better. XSI however was getting better, faster, more intuitive than ever on its own. Wonder what will happen with all the good crazy ideas that XSI threw in every other developers faces..

I do hope that I'm wrong and that Maya, my weapon of choice will grow into a better software due to this.....time will tell :-)


Was up with the world?

That's a bold Title I might say, especially for a blogger that very seldom bloggs at all :-)
Well the Economy is going to hell, war everywhere you look. People losing there homes and a trillion other things that is going wrong. Its strange that we humans actually evolved so much that we could create this global events like stock market crash and global heating....impressing :-)

Well enough about that, just wanted to ventilate a bit and its my blogg so I can do that without asking anyone, which is a scary thought if you think about it...

Will start to post some WIP's from various private projects that i doodle with on my spare time. If anyone is actually reading my blogg(miracles do happen) please fell free to comment on the stuff...