Friday, February 12, 2010

is 2D dead?

Well that title should stir up some feelings I would guess :)
Sure I'm looking to catch your interest, but the question is valid. I don't believe 2D is dead or even that it actually can die, the 2D medium is to fantastic. But its future on the big screen is in my opinion not to bright.

Disney and Pixar pushed really hard for "for the princess and the frog" and the movie didn't do well at all.
I don't think the quality of the movie is to blame, I think the format they choose is old and not appealing to there target audience. I for one never even liked the musical parts in the old Disney movies, and needless to say is that I still don't like it :))
Disney and Pixar stated that it was time to bring back the old Disney, and this is somewhat strange due to the fact that Pixar never ever done a musical, and I think that is something that served them well :))
So is 2D dead, well you tell me. I know that Disney is working on a "Winnie the Phu! " but its a low-budget enterprise compared to "the princes and the frog". I'm sure we wont see a 2D feature from Disney in a very longtime.

what makes me sad is that I think if they would have aimed for something new and interesting, instead of digging in the archives, I think 2D would have had a chance to sparkle again.

who knows, I could be wrong, it has been known to happen :)))


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Launched on my first shoot

Yes, tomorrow I will be launched on my first sequence on MegaMind. So I'm quite exited.

Now to something really important:

Yea I finally found the lingon-berries. So finally my meatballs have there favorite sidekick.

I also watched the SuperBowle today. The Colts lost to the Saints, which is good cause I was routing for the Saints. Congrats New Orleans :)))))
But really the only reason to why I watch the game is then I can eat this tasty things:)

So now I'm hoping that LA Kings will take the Stanley cup and that my hockeyTeam back in Sweden, Brynas!! will win Elitserien(Swedish national league)

well I get back to you about how my sequence will unfold...

be careful out there....:)