Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All alone !!!!

Yes the title sounds dramatic, and it sure feels it :)
Just a couple of hour's ago I left my family at LAX. They are going home to Sweden for 8 weeks.... its crazy....I mean you chase the kids all day, screaming about this and that, then you are to tired to talk to your fantastic lovely wife and whoops suddenly they are gone and you cry like a baby.......I guess its all part in the "you got kids, and now clue" plan......:) I just would love to see and feel all these fantastic things when they are actually here :)) On that subject, here is where they are right as I'm writing :)

hopefully I will join them for the last couple of weeks, IF I get my vacation approved..:)

Okay I was wrong!!!
Toy story made more than 85million....actually a lot more, and people tell me that its fantastic, I guess I just have to add to that 109million open weekend and go see it .)))
Hats off to ya dudes at Pixar, but I will say this.....How to train a dragon will win an Oscar,....for sure.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Both Dragons and Shrek are doing okay at the box-office, not super-duper awesome great, but really good...
In fact I think we need to re-think our expectations of what our movies will make money-wise. I think the days with 120-million dollar opening weekend is gone....THAT said, if there is a movie out there to prove me wrong I think it would be ToysSory3...not that I'm a fan of these movies, but it looks awesome and the marketing has been really good. So lets bet :) I bet that ToyStory3 will make 82-million dollares on the opening weekend. People and claim to know it all'ers is probably laughing at me right now.......well we will see :)))

Crunch Time!!!!! no official order yet, but I'm guessing its coming....:))

Well I guess it's better to go crunching now when my family is leaving for Sweden. That way I keep my brain thinking of other stuff :/

But crunch also means that we are closing in to finish the movie, not that I long for it to finish, just that I really want to see my name on the credits in the theaters....I know it sounds silly, but that will definitely force me to tears..:)

Not sure what project that awaits me after MegaMind, actually I don't really care, cause all the project that are cooking at Dreamworks looks freaky amazing....

I'm hoping to get some vacation back home in old Sweden, not sure its going to work out though....but I hope to get a couple of weeks.....
Vacation here is not what I'm used to. I mean in Sweden we normally have 5 or more weeks a year, here its more like 2 weeks, if you are lucky :)))


Monday, June 7, 2010

Time flyes

Jeezz just a copule of months left on MegaMind....time is a fast thing!!
Working hard to make get as much done as possible, this has of course made me neglected my blog.....but here is what have me and my family been up to the last couple of weeks..

My youngest daughter Mollie had her birthday party, she loved it.
Thank you all that made this event sooo fun....!!!

Look at that party-freak :))

Summer is hitting us hard, and I mean hard.... so you know a 80degree day is a considered a very awesome summer day in Sweden...... here in LA we are talking 100+ .
Cant say that my seal-ish body is perfect for this but hey I guess it burns calories :) But California has a remedy for the heat, the beach!!!!

well the water was cold so I sent the kids in first :))))
AND the beach is a very dangerous place for the kids, just look at this monster. Luckeley for Rasmus and Mollie I was there to save them..... almost lost an arm there :)

Don't worries I didn't rough the crab much:), just enough to send a message to his friends to stop running around attacking defenseless kids, and there dads :))) ...

Being a feature film animator is awesome, but its hard work, so I'm making sure that I have something to fall back on.....:))

Love ya all