Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Been dabbling around with some concepts for a shortfilm that I really would like to do, it's one of those projects that never seems to get anywhere :-)
But when my good friend Sven Juhlin used my concept:

And made this beautiful 3D sketch:

I saw some light in the ever so dark personal project tunnel :-)

Sven is one of the best modeler I have ever seen, I cant thank him enough for doing this for me, now I just have to finish my concept design before he gets picked up and shipped overseas to the big studios :-)

Anyway, I got really inspired to continue this never ending project. So I'm dead set on finishing this model and make a little animation test. I will keep updating this right here on my blog, so feel free to post any comments and stuff...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learn to play Heavymetal

Ever wonder about the mistery of HeavyMetal, ever wanted to learn everything about heavyMetal in less than 3min? Well here is your chance!!!

Great "snapiness", love it:-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3D in 3D movies??

Well I'm probably going to sound like an old grumpy animator now but I would like to at least start up a discussing about 3D in 3D movies. So what do I mean by that, well I'm talking about the 3D effect on the Movie itself, you know?
You need special glasses and stuff and then you can see the characters running towards you and you feel you need to duck under the seat, which, with all the old popcorns and other stuff lying around, is an sanitary risk I don't want have to take :-)

A couple of years ago I went to see "Open Season" in england in "Full 3D". It was all that the commercial promised, and more. The 3D effect was great, I was really impressed of how far the 3d technology had come. Afterwards me and my friends couldn't stop talking about how cool the 3D effect was. Then someone pointed out that he didn't remember what the movie was all about, well yes he exaggerated a bit but he had made a good point, the 3D effect was flawless but it was so good that I forgot to see(feel) the story in the movie.

Probably this is only a first reaction to a new media and I will get used to watching 3D3D movies in the future, cause I don't doubt that they will take over, they will. Not saying that I'm against 3D3D movies but I cant help to feel a bit worried that the story, at least for the first 25 films, will suffer...!!

Bitter old animator signing out :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

CarlosBaena tips on plannig

Got this great link from my friend James to a page where Pixar animator Carlos Baena talks about planning, its the best thing on the subject I have ever seen on the subject!!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Another week....check

Well my whole family is in Spain, they went there for a week and yes it felt kinda cool to be alone for the first time in 6years:-)
I had grand plans for this "week out of the ordinary". I was to write on my comic story, maybe do some animation on my never ending projects, well.....that didn't happen, instead I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself and missing my family....its a bit pathetic but what can I do I miss them:-)
The house gets really empty without those two crazy kids running around and my fantastic girlfriend holding me and the kids apart :-) Its crazy when you think about it, they(the kids) almost drive you insane but as soon as they are not around you miss them and as soon as they are back they are going to drive you insane again.....its mental...its life.....and I love it :-)))

Ohh I almost forgot I will be doing a short Film again, I will post as much stuff here as possible, just have to check it with the producer and the to do that so you don't get kicked off the project before it even started :-)


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Anyone else out there besides me that thinks the 3D feature films are spinning around and re-telling it self over and over again??
Don't get me wrong, the 3D movies that are made today, for the most part, are unbelievably great, and the achievements done by these studios making these movies are indescribable...but in the midst of all this awesomeness I kinda feel that we got lost?

I mean, when I first saw ToyStory and BugsLife I was blown away, I don't get blown away to often these days. Its almost like the movies is trying to hide something behind all that fantastic makeup..But I mean its hard to get blown away when you are almost swimming in a sea of new 3D feature releases.

I love 3D movies in all forms...its just that right now it would be really nice if someone did something strange. On the other hand its quite understandable that the movies kinda have the same feel to them. Just Picture yourself putting 30-80 million dollors on the line, I would want that money back as soon and as possible and what would do that if not a foolproof "profitStory". Hmmmm So maybe thats the problem...the COST of these movies?????.