Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally, naild my shortfilm story

already into the pre-production I finally nailed the story for my shortfilm.....its just sad that it will never be made.....:-))
well, I'm going to try. :-)
At least now that I have a story I can focus a bit better on the design of it.

this is the plan
1. story/character outline
2. manuscript (not more than 5min)
3. continue and finish up concept
4. modeling (jjeeeeiiks hate that:-))
5. rigging (jjeeeeiiks hate that to:-))
6. animation (oohh love that, thumbs up)
7. rendering (??? don't know how the hell that works:-))
8. post (read above:-))

well, thats stealing candy from a baby, I mean I wouldn't actually steal candy from a baby, ever.......well...unless it's those creamy chocolate things which has punch inside them...:-))


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm still here

yes its true, I'm still here. Haven't been blogging to much lately....
made some small little update on my project department over at

will very soon put up some more stuff, just waiting for the green light from the clients and files :-)

ooohhh burgers are burning, got to fetch my Budweiser and go save them...oohh life is hard :-))